Collective worship is an important part of our school. It is God centred, inclusive and based on our values. Children have the opportunity to take part in Collective Worship every day. Worship can be in classes, Key Stages or whole school. All teachers are involved in leading worship. Our worship usually involves a teaching, prayer and a song.  It is often interactive with drama, puppets etc. Every half term classes lead worship in St Silas Church or in school. Parents are always invited. Friday assembly includes our celebrations. If your child is receiving an award you will be invited via a text message. You are more than welcome to join us for any Collective Worship. If you wish to join us please contact school.


 Class Worship

Class worship at St Silas is an important part of everyday. It gives us a time to reflect on the important values God taught us and how we can implement them in everyday life. Our class Worship Ambassadors are in charge of evaluating worship and are sometimes responsible for planning and delivering our Class Worship sessions.

During Class Worship the children begin to understand the importance of social advocacy and how they can make a difference in today's society. The children gain respect and awe of God's great world and look towards things they can do to help others, all through the scriptures and readings in the Bible.

Collective Worship Documents

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