Welcome to Year 5

As your child moves into Upper Key Stage 2, we will be looking to develop your children’s independence, confidence and love of learning.


Reading with your child is crucial. We take 20 minutes every day to teach Guided Reading in class and the children always have opportunities to silent read in our reading area. Children take home a home reading book and have the opportunity to change this every morning. In addition to this, children also have the chance to take home one library book a week and can change this book whenever necessary. Even though your child is in year 5 and may want to read to themselves, we would be grateful if you could hear them read aloud and for you to ask them questions about what they have read. We also ask that you sign their reading book every night- this is vital in order to help them with their expression and comprehension skills.


Your child will be set homework every Friday, in order to be completed for the following week. The homework will be set online through:


  • My Maths

  • Spag.com

  • Purple Mash

  • Google Classroom


Throughout Year 5, your child will be learning a variety of exciting topics within History, and Geography, Music, P.E, R.E, Art, French, Computing and Science. Check out our Long Term Plan to see what we are learning this term.

During the course of the year, we have two Parents’ Evenings. However, if you have any concerns regarding your child’s progress then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Year 5 knowledge organisers

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These organisers show the key knowledge and vocabulary your child is expected to know. You can use them at home to help your child remember the key facts and vocabulary and also to encourage them to find out even more facts.

Year 5 Documents

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