Children's University is an important aspect of our school life. It enables our children to try a variety of activities after school, at weekends and during the holidays. It widens our children's experiences developing confidence, resilience and courage.


Blackburn Children’s University is managed by a cluster of schools in Blackburn.  It has been running since January 2009 and currently works with 6 primary schools.  We currently work with Sacred Heart, St Aidan’s, St Michael with St John, St Silas, The Redeemer and Wensley Fold.

Each school offers a varied menu of activities for our CU members.  Some of the schools also provide additional activities during some weekends and holidays.

We work closely with the University Centre, Blackburn College who help run our graduation every year.  We also work with other providers in the area including Blackburn Museum, Blackburn Central Library, local marital arts groups, scouts and many more!

Blackburn CU is open to working with other schools in Blackburn. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the capacity to support home-educated children. If you work in a Blackburn school or are a parent / carer and would like your child’s school to get involved, please get in touch.


Sara Burton

Telephone: 07805 929965