Image of Year 6 visit to Parbold Douglas School
23 Nov

Year 6 visit to Parbold Douglas School

Year 6 had a fabulous time visiting Parbold DOuglas Primary School. They worked together on a Young Leaders initiative.

Image of Ingleborough Caves
22 Nov

Ingleborough Caves

Year 3/Year 4 had a brilliant trip to Ingleborough caves. They have been studying rocks and soils. They also saw a moorland habitat.

Image of Road Safety Parade
22 Nov

Road Safety Parade

Year 1 children attended the Road Safety parade in Blackburn.

Image of Instagram
22 Nov


St SIlas now has an Instagram account. Please follow us on:

Image of 1970s Christmas Tree in Blackburn Exchange
22 Nov

1970s Christmas Tree in Blackburn Exchange

Please visit the Christmas Tree festival inThe Exchange in Blackburn to see our 1970s decorated Christmas tree. See below for more photographs and details.

Image of Blackburn Rovers Community Trust and St Silas
23 Oct

Blackburn Rovers Community Trust and St Silas

Please see the link below to Blackburn Rovers Community Trust news item and video about our partnership with them and the Premier League Trophy.

Image of Premier League Trophy Visit
16 Oct

Premier League Trophy Visit

The Premier League PrImary Stars visited St Silas on Friday 13th October. They brought the Premier League Trophy with them. Please see our slideshow below.

Image of Parbold Douglas Primary School Partnership
6 Oct

Parbold Douglas Primary School Partnership

This year we are working with Parbold Douglas Primary School. On 5th October 2023 PArbold Year 6 visited us. Please watch our video.

Image of Favourite Meal
6 Oct

Favourite Meal

The children in school have voted for their favourite school meal. On Thursday 19th October there is a special lunch with all the children's favourites to choose from.

Image of Primary Science Quality Mark
28 Sep

Primary Science Quality Mark

We are thrilled to be awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark. (PSQM)

Image of Harvest
26 Sep


Lorraine has been busy making a beautiful Harvest display for our children in the dining room. She is encouraging the children to try new fruit and vegetables in our new menus. Watch out for more information on our upcoming school Harvest and our gifts to the food bank.

Image of New Lunch Menus
15 Sep

New Lunch Menus

Our new lunch menus are delicious. You can select your child's meals using Parent Pay.