Silas and Me (S.A.M.) is  our very own personalised character education programme.  It is designed to ensure our children become amazing citizens in the future. It  builds on our vision and our four values-Love, Belonging, Service and Thankfulness and involves school, home and the local community. 

Every week in our celebration worship a child from each class is awarded a S.A.M. Star Certificate by their class teacher. This is awarded for being the best that they can be in either their work or their character.

Every half term a special certificate is awarded to a child in each class.  This is a very special award because the children in the class vote for the child they think has upheld our vision and values best. The children receive a badge to sew on their jumper.

Finally we have our SAM Challenge. This is a series of planned activities for our children to work on at home, at school and within the community. These challenges are designed to take several years to complete and children can choose from a range of activities. There are two phases depending on the age of your child. The aim is for your child to collect four badges in each phase-Love, Belonging, Service and Thankfulness.

Silas and Me

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Phase 1 for Years 1, 2 and 3

For each badge, choose 3 home challenges and 1 community challenge. Your teacher will choose 6 school challenges.

Phase 2 for Years 4, 5 and 6

For each badge, choose 3 home challenges and 2 community challenges. Your teacher will choose 5 school challenges.

For each challenge you need to show how you have completed it. 

You could make up a song, draw a picture, write a poem or letter, make a model or piece of art, tell your class what you’ve done, take photo’s, design a poster or create a PowerPoint. You only need one piece of evidence for each challenge. 

To earn your badge, you need to have completed and shown evidence for ten challenges. Your badge can be sewn onto the arm of your school jumper.