17 Jun

KS1 visit to Formby

On Tuesday 14th June, Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a trip to Formby Beach as part of our work in Geography on Coasts. We had so much fun paddling in the sea and playing in the sand. The day was warm and the sun was shining - perfect beach weather.

10 Jun

Habitat Study in Year 4 in the River Ribble Estuary

Y4 visited @RSPB_Ribble and did some superb work learning about habitats, especially the mudflat habitat of the Ribble estuary. This was the start of our new habitats topic and the end of our rivers topic from last half term.

26 May

Year 6 science-blood

Year 6 made some 'blood' to understand the different components of our blood.

27 Apr

Walk to the park-Reception class

Reception really enjoyed their walk to Corporation park today! We looked at buildings in our local environment, practised being safe pedestrians and finally looked for signs of spring! A very busy afternoon!

1 Apr

Year 5 Science Gravity

Year 5 enjoyed investigating the force of gravity in the lovely sunshine.

7 Mar

Year 4 Science-How fast do liquids flow?

Year 4 created a ramp and covered it in foil. Using a syringe they dropped different liquids onto the ramp and timed how long it took the liquid to reach the bottom of the ramp. They had to make sure it was a fair test.

24 Feb

Year 3 Magnets

Y3 learnt about the North and South poles of a magnet and made their own compass. They have also been investigating which magnet was the strongest.

22 Feb

Science in Year 5 Earth,Sun and Moon

Year 5 used a swivel chair, a light and globe as the perfect props to model and explain how the earth's rotation causes day and night to happen.

11 Feb

RSPB Big School Birdwatch

The children in Beehive took part in the RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch.This involved counting the number of birds in our school grounds. The results also contribute to Big Garden Birdwatch – the world's largest wildlife survey. The Big Schools Birdwatch is an annual event that takes place January to February.

8 Feb

Electricity in Year 4

In science Y4 have been making their own switches and completing a complete circuit.

3 Feb

Year 5 Earth ,Moon and Sun

Year 5 were investigating the movement of the earth and moon relative to the sun by acting it out. They had great fun and learned lots of facts in the process. Well done everyone!

3 Feb

Year 2 Leaves

In science , Year 2 have been looking at leaves. They used a magnifying glass to look carefully and tried to name them using a key. They found out that the green leaves all came from evergreen trees and the brown ones are from deciduous trees. It was a lot of fun

1 Feb

Year 3 Magnets through materials

Y3 have been investigating which materials magnets can attract through.

27 Jan

KS1 Science-bark rubbing

Y1/2 bark rubbing in science . We are looking at deciduous and evergreen trees.

25 Jan

Magnets in Year 3

Year 3 had a great time exploring which materials in their classroom were magnetic.

13 Dec

Science in Year 3

Birch class have been investigating if people with the longest legs can jump the furthest