21 Apr

Joan Miro Art Year 5

Year 5 enjoyed creating collages inspired by the artist Joan Miro.

1 Apr

Year 5 DT Guardians and Greeters

A great DT project to finish off the spring term in Year 5. We created guardians or greeters of the school. Can you guess which is which?

1 Apr

Year 5 Rounders

Alder vs Beech this afternoon during a game of rounders. A great game in which the children showed great sportsmanship. Well done to Alder who won by 5 rounders!

1 Apr

Year 5 Science Gravity

Year 5 enjoyed investigating the force of gravity in the lovely sunshine.

25 Feb

The Wise and Foolish Builder

Year 5 were learning all about the importance of having a strong foundation in life as this impacts the way we live and our relationship with God.

22 Feb

Science in Year 5 Earth,Sun and Moon

Year 5 used a swivel chair, a light and globe as the perfect props to model and explain how the earth's rotation causes day and night to happen.

3 Feb

Year 5 Earth ,Moon and Sun

Year 5 were investigating the movement of the earth and moon relative to the sun by acting it out. They had great fun and learned lots of facts in the process. Well done everyone!

2 Feb

St Catherine's Hospice Cheque Presentation

Year 5 were delighted to present a cheque to Mr Norman Cutler from @StCatherinesPre for the grand total of £1293.71 which we raised at our Santa Dash in December. @CidariEducation #Charities #fundraising #proud https://pic.twitter.com/bR51x4t89u

7 Jan

Year 5 Art

Year 5 have been improving their drawing skills and using ink.

13 Dec

Santa Dash

We are so proud of Year 5 who completed a Santa Dash in Corporation Park on 3/12/2021. We are still collecting sponsor money but the children have raised in excess of £1000!

19 Nov

Toilet Twinning

The certificates have finally come for our toilet twinning fund raising! Just in time for World Toilet Day. Congratulations to last year's Rowan class (now Beech) for raising money to build facilities for other people in the world.

15 Oct

Year 5 Activity Day

Year 5 developed their teamworking skills and their resilience on their activity day.